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am i torturing myself


    am i torturing myself

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ICE CREAM | 雑草丸子
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    are you angry? are you searching for a better life to live? are you waiting? have you been waiting too long? what holds us back and how to burn the bridges to a culture that taught us to hate and fear and live like cogs in a machine and not like lovers friends and kin.

    how can you help but feel depressed, get up in the morning and get dressed, look out the window through rush hour smog … smoke and drink the world away ‘cause what the politicians say won’t answer any of my questions like …

    why am i angry? what am i searching for? is there a better way to live? why am i hopeless? have i been waiting too long to strike back against this state of affairs?

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Nintendo 64 Japanese box. Released in 1996.


    Nintendo 64 Japanese box. Released in 1996.


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made for 3D TVs


    made for 3D TVs

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    good morning, y’all.

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